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Fallen Evolution News

Happy Holidays Fallen Evolution 2023!

posted by Elevations on 1/5/2023

Happy Holidays and new year! for FE, with this christmas santa has brought some presents and coal, have you been naughty or nice? we are still working on more updates to come, and hope you all having a good break! christmas event ends 1/14/2023.

Happy Halloween 2022!

posted by Elevations on 10/31/2022

FE's Halloween Event is now live, event runs until 11/16/2022.

Fallen Evolution Easter Event!

posted by Elevations on 4/13/2022

FE's Easter Event is now underway, complete a hedge maze or hunt for easter eggs to craft limited easter items. Use /warp easter to join, event runs until 19th April.

Happy New Year Fallen Evolution 2022!

posted by Elevations on 1/1/2022

You can now do a new quest at the Athero docks! to obtain 2 new mounts!

Fallen Evolution Halloween 2021

posted by Elevations on 10/20/2021

The Fallen Evolution Halloween event will begin on Friday the 22nd of October. Get ready for the largest event yet with 3 different event types and over 35 limited edition crafts!

Whats new

posted by Elevations on 10/3/2021

*Improved item pub/dat files loading speed
*Mailbox now opens
*Fixed sound crash, login crash, character login crash discovered by nopo
*Fixed Chest crash and max item in chest = 1 each
*Fixed Trade Crash (on map leave, when other windows open)
*Fixed Trade Bug (When closing window)
*Fixed background login music (when disabled),
*Fixed chair spam when walking into chair,
*Fixed possibly "chest crash bug when removing item from chest",
*Fix typing while attacking with CTRL
*Fixed member icon showing on online list
*Added in-game sounds and login music.
*Included, visible text on-screen when updating graphics and sounds*
*Interaction now disables trade and party correctly.
*Pressing enter key will now focus the chat text box for typing (incase it gets lost somehow)
*Can now enter amount in text boxes (shop buy, locker, trades)
*Can buy up to x10000 in shop buy
*CTRL + ENTER = Fullscreen mode, or again to switch back to window
*Hold SHIFT to sprint
*Updated FE with World Map

FE Updates 2021

posted by Elevations on 9/12/2021

Just recently discovered, the previous posts regarding a database leak were incorrectly assumed without fact checking, after further looking into the vulnerabilities in website, there is no reason to believe that any data was comprimised as a precaution still change your password.

FE Going forward
1. We have removed top player lists and information on website just incase.
2. Currently beta client is out and still in testing
3. Please report any bugs to elevations/devil

Road Map
*Currently still adding finishing touches to client.
*Lord of chaos dungeon
*Revamping main towns
*Skills tree
*Global market windows, mail box, and improved enchanting/pet windows