Donation Information

Donations towards Fallen Evolution are used to pay for the basic necessities to keep our server up and running, such as the VPS, server maintenance, internet connection, no advertisements, and the website/forum domain. The owners do not use the money collected from donations for their own personal use.

You will receive a in-game currency called "Gift Cash" when donating to Fallen Evolution, which you can only gain through donating! However, do not treat this as a purchase, for this is merely a token of our gratitude for helping Fallen Evolution and its development.

Terms and Conditions

Once you have donated to Fallen Evolution with the correct character name, quantity, and details, the Gift Cash will be delivered to your character instantly. You won't need to wait for us to give it to you.


There are absolutely NO REFUNDS, so do not expect to get your Gift Cash or payment back for whatever reason. Also, Fallen Evolution is not responsible if you did not read this disclaimer before donating.

Okay, I've read the Terms and Conditions, and I'm ready to donate!

Currently, you can only donate to Fallen Evolution through PayPal. If you have a PayPal account and would like to donate now, please click the button below. Thank you for donating!

Enter your character name correctly using NO CAPS. Double check the final page on PayPal to make sure that the character name, quantity, and details are correct. If you do not, the Gift Cash will NOT be sent directly to your character. Also, please DO NOT donate using an eCheck, as they are delayed payments that take 5-7 days to transfer

You DO NOT get Gift Cash instantly when you donate using an eCheck



I agree to the Terms and Conditions