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Achievements of Korpse

Total Achievements: 17/20

Icon Name Description
DonaterMake a donation!
Double RainbowDouble rainbow all the way!
Under the SeaKill a jelly fish!
Arena ChampionWin the arena event!
MarriedGet married!
BillionareStore 1b in your gold bank!
RebornedReborn for the first time!
MillionareStore 1m in your gold bank!
TradesmanTrade with another player!
HoarderStore 200 items in your bank locker!
Jukes of HazardPlay a song on a jukebox!
MailerSend a mail!
PingDiscover the ping treasure!
ParagonReach level 1 paragon!
ActivePlay for 200 hours or more.
OldbiePlay for 2000 hours or more.
BeginningsStart a new character