All bans lifted

Posted by elevations - 25/04/13 05:51PM

All bans have been lifted except ones issued by me (elevations)

It has been 4 years and in total there has been over 1431 bannings, it's time to start again,

Welcome to chaos.

Chat Toolbar

Posted by elevations - 24/04/13 08:50PM

I have now introduced a new chat toolbar on the main website, You can login using your FE Account to initiate chat with other FE players logged into the website, This will be handy if the server is offline and you need to talk to some of your FE friends or family.

Its features:

  • Chatrooms - create your own chat rooms and invite users, private or public.
  • Private Messaging - Private message other FE users who are online

To select your character chat name, just login to your FE account on the website then go to the Account Information page to change which character you would like to display as your chat name:



Posted by elevations - 28/02/13 12:34AM

Achievements have now been added to FE you can check them out on the Top Lists button and view them here


Fake Emails (Warning)

Posted by elevations - 20/02/13 12:40PM

A lot of fake emails have been going around asking you to verify your FE accounts DO NOT TRUST these emails:

Do not trust any email that does not include your FE Username, and has links to other websites other then

Here is an example of one of the fake emails you should be alert of:


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