Server down due to DDoS

Posted by elevations - 23/06/13 03:46PM

Lordnz has been DDoS attacking the server, We are currently working on resolving this now.

Thank you for the patience.

v.32 Released!

Posted by elevations - 14/06/13 11:01PM

I have now uploaded new v.32 client setup which contains:

  • [*] All of the patches up to date
  • [*] New security fixes to stop most virtual environments and annoying programs.

You can also get this update by just running your FE Launcher and obtaining patch38


Server downtime

Posted by elevations - 21/05/13 04:35PM

There has been a lot of server down-time due to DDoS attacks Character name duplication bugs, and server crashes.

At the moment as of 5/21/2013 we do not have enough protection to stop the DDoS attacks, because not enough donations
have been made so we can not afford better protection, We will have to wait for them to get bored.

If you wish to see the server come back online faster, please make a donation so we can pay for better protection again.
if not please wait until the attacks have stopped.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, We are trying best as we possibly can to get the server back online and operational, if you would like to make a donation you can donate by clicking the link below:

PK Effects

Posted by elevations - 25/04/13 11:37PM

You can now have a 20% chance to freeze or inflict fire damage to players in PK:

  • Fire - This will drain the persons health until it reaches 0
  • Freeze - This will freeze the person from attacking and moving for 5 seconds

To activate the following effects equip a fire or frost weapon and attack with 20% chance to activate.

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