Patch Update

Posted by elevations - 25/10/13 07:57PM

There has been a patch update due to the latest FE client setup blocking autoclickers from working, since all there complaining has caused arrousal and there is no good reason why players should not be able to cook there fish in a faster way auto clicking has been allowed.

Any other autoing methods will not be allowed e.g (Training)

Fallen Evolution v.33

Posted by elevations - 24/10/13 01:10AM

A new client setup has been released containing some new updates for armors and more, aswell as reseting the amount of patch updates there are after downloading client.

Download new setup here:

Global Chat

Posted by elevations - 16/09/13 10:08PM

We now have added Global Chat to the website so you can read the in-game global chat on the website while your at work or school without having to download the FE client.

Friendly Reminder

Posted by elevations - 11/09/13 09:42AM

A few accounts recently have been terminated due to breaching of our terms and conditions. We would like to remind you all to please make sure you have read-over and fully understand our terms and conditions.

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