Gold Wipe

Posted by elevations - 03/03/14 01:28AM

Next week 3/7/2014 the server will have a gold wipe to fix the economy depending if this poll has enough votes for it.

Post comments you may have on this decision on our forums here:

Should FE have a gold wipe to fix the economy?

The FE Yolo of the day.

Posted by elevations - 02/02/14 07:21AM

A casual day on Fallen Evolution..


1 Second Later..



Christmas (Coming Soon)

Posted by elevations - 13/11/13 08:17PM

Christmas is just around the corner! and there will be a christmas event this year going for a week so be sure not to miss it!

Halloween Event!

Posted by elevations - 01/11/13 09:43PM

The halloween event is now out on FE and will be running for a week you can go to the halloween event by typing /warp halloween

The new halloween event includes chests that spawn halloween candy, evil kittens that drop evil kitten masks, and sometimes candy


Scrub bugs that drop ingredients for cursed hat, and sometimes candy


and hauntress's that drop sage hats, and sometimes candy,


Some of the new items this year:


Older news.

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