Gold Wipe and Over-haul

Posted by elevations - 31/03/15 01:13AM

Gold wipe and huge over-haul, store prices are now reduced,selling prices reduced, travel costs reduced, reborn costs reduced, and a new AOE store for newbs has been added to athero, gold coins are now worth 10k, silver 100k, and diamond 1m. All monster drops and quests give less gold, including fishing,mining,smithing but in return all shop prices have been reduced to account for this which should make the economy a little bit more clean for now.

AOE Store:


FE Updates 2015

Posted by elevations - 13/02/15 05:35PM

FE now has a new paragon training area:


A new hell event for gold members will be coming soon which will happen every hour and give people a small amount of time to collect materials for some new craftable items.


Donator Ranks have now also been added granting EXP and discounts to players that have donated enough over time will "level up" and obtain these ranks also a top donations where you can see these levels can be viewed on this page:


EXP Potions have also now been added to the store which will give 2x EXP for one day, These potions will stack all other EXP bonuses including the new introduced donator rank exp bonuses and member exp bonuses.


FE Updates 2014

Posted by elevations - 06/09/14 01:02AM

Recent updates and changes have come and are coming to FE!

Introducing new items such as Lucky Totem (Which gives all mobs the chance to drop ETs) and Caches which can spawn up to a number of ET's and golden coins depending how lucky you get opening them, and finally the victory cache which can spawn up to 10 ETs, and 100 golden coins.


We have also upgraded Kamashis drop rates to drop Soul Edge, Avalanche, and Blood Scythe more often, aswell as kamashi pet eggs,


And we have also added the Soul Edge to the legendary excalibur crafting menu!


And finally there will be a new 6 hours event that gives players with GOLD MEMBERSHIP a chance to spawn in our new event called the "Treasure Realm" where players will have 30 seconds to 1 minute to loot the chests for ET's and caches (This is coming soon).


Coming Later

Later on there will be new paragon training maps and new boss areas for paragon levels including special member training areas.


Happy Easter 2014

Posted by elevations - 19/04/14 08:35PM

You can get to the new easter event by using the event warp in athero:


New Additions this easter:

Easter Ware Rabbit Drops Lucky Eggs, Bunny Ears, and All Easter Egg Types


Lucky Egg (Double clicking it gives a random easter item)


Legna Axe (Requires 100 Lucky Eggs)


Easter Chests (that spawn easter eggs)


Older news.

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