Some Big updates

Posted by elevations - 21/11/15 02:54AM

Dungeons have been added to FE currently we have our first dungeon which requires a party of 3 to complete, the boss drops many good rewards including, Event Tickets, AOE weapons, and craftable parts for special items.



A new event has also been added that allows you to pay 10 Gift Cash to go to the Luxury Realm for an hour where you can get Event tickets, and a selection between baru, baruta, or rapier from the Cow of Fortune you can start this event by talking to the NPC's in the bank. While Inside the luxury realm you can also check your time by typing /luxtime for how long you have left before you are removed.


Lucky totems were changed so now you must get 10000 NPC kills to get an Event ticket, All Event tickets were wiped.

All current gift-cash was wiped due to a bug that event tickets could spawn gift cash if you recently donated please contact an admin in-game to have it restored.

All memberships were also wiped in preparation for the game-breaking bug above once again please contact an admin in-game to have it restored.

All in-game items were also reduced/wiped to 1 stack so if you have duplicates of any items in-game you will now only have 1 of each item, this excludes "gold" and diamond/golden coins.

For players that were having invisible NPC glitches we have now introduced a new command called /fixnpcs which should prevent the client from crashing and fix the issue instead of pressing F12.

We have also unbanned some players that were banned permanently by ex-staff and have been given a second chance. (This does not unban all players Please do not get hopes up)

Another Small Update

Posted by elevations - 28/08/15 04:07AM

This update we have added guild wars! to the server (finally they say) basically this guild wars system allows you to send invites to guild leaders and start a guild war. Each member is worth 10k and the winner will take the rewards from the other guilds bank.


We have also added some new warp commands to help out around athero!

/warp gh
/warp guild
/warp bc

Thanks for your support!

Small Update

Posted by elevations - 26/08/15 02:08AM

I have added a new paragon training area (level 2 paragon) known as the "New Factory"


I have also added a new NPC Shop to athero that has some interesting items for sale that require ET's (event tickets)



Gold Wipe and Over-haul

Posted by elevations - 31/03/15 01:13AM

Gold wipe and huge over-haul, store prices are now reduced,selling prices reduced, travel costs reduced, reborn costs reduced, and a new AOE store for newbs has been added to athero, gold coins are now worth 10k, silver 100k, and diamond 1m. All monster drops and quests give less gold, including fishing,mining,smithing but in return all shop prices have been reduced to account for this which should make the economy a little bit more clean for now.

AOE Store:


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