Server is back up!

Posted by elevations - 23/02/11 09:41AM

Hello everyone, after a long wait the server is now back online with advanced ddos protection costing around $300 a month. I would appreciate it if people would donate more to help keep paying for a 24/7 online server thank you!

Fallen Evolution v.17.5 Trailer

Posted by elevations - 06/02/11 05:02PM

FE Paperdoll Update!

Posted by elevations - 30/01/11 07:02AM

As of now i have decided to make this application to be displayed on the donation page permanently for testing items before you donate for FE gift cash!

It's still in beta though and i will add gender change button when i get more time to work on it.


New website buttons!

Posted by elevations - 08/01/11 02:08AM

Hello it has come to my attention that the website needed new faster and more smexy buttons so there they are --^.

Hope you enjoy them and they make the page load faster just for you :grin:

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