Posted by elevations - 11/05/11 10:36PM

New updates coming out:

  • Quests
  • Maps
  • Items
  • Beta Client(not sure when yet but its almost ready)

Beta client NEW features:

  • New PM system
  • Item Stats
  • Backgrounds (e.g the black space you see outside a map will be a proper background)
  • Right click menu updated, (view menu's from player online list)
  • Login character selection menu on the left
  • Weather
  • Day/Night

Later Release Features

  • Building Engine (e.g like minecraft, will be used for players building there own houses and more)
  • Cut Scenes
  • Mounts
  • Running/Speed
  • Skills (not like spells)
  • Party Engine (e.g similiar to maplestory)
  • Mail boxes (custom windows)
  • Global Market (custom windows)
  • Player Shops (make your own stand/stall while your offline)
  • Farming, Smithing, Mining, WoodCutting, Fishing, Cooking (upgraded)
  • Profiles (e.g kinda like facebook but more of an personal in-game thing)
  • Weapons that evolve at different levels
  • Powerups
  • Time Travel Engine (for the evolution core)
  • Guild Wars
  • Upgraded Pets (e.g customizeable name, better windows, evolve, talk, inventory, and more)
  • Boss Engine (E.g bosses won't just attack, will be able to use skills, spells, and different combinations)
  • Friend List, Family list, (upgraded)
  • TNL, LEVEL SYSTEM upgraded.
  • Flying (yes you will be lifted into the air then be able to zoom across the screen like superman, wings animation included)
  • World Map (Upgraded travel bob)
  • Perks (e.g every 10 levels choose a special bonus e.g potions heal 1% extra health)
  • Passive Skills
  • Voice Engine (for voice acting / cutscenes)
  • Buyable shops, towns, villages (earn money from purchased towns (costly)) will be apart of the Building engine
  • Upgrade armor (use special parts to upgrade armours (e.g use a firestone to make your fallen plate become fallen plate 10% resist to fire damage)
  • Elements, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth
  • Lay down feature( on beds, on people, sex engine maybe xD?)
  • Dual Blades
  • Proper class selection at character creation
  • crouch / stealth (assassins class abilities mostly and for teabagging)
  • Warp Engine (create more sexy warp screens)
  • Achievement System
  • Microphone (if compatable)
  • Switch from 2.5d to 3D (in teh future lol)
  • and much much more



v.18 out now!

Posted by elevations - 21/04/11 05:05AM

After a long wait version 18 is now released! happy easter everyone the event is scheduled to be setup soon.

v.18 coming out on April 15th!

Posted by elevations - 06/04/11 12:30AM

The long awaited v.18 is coming out on April 15th including the Easter event so stay tuned and get all your friends to come on FE and don't miss the event!

This will hopefully include:

  • New hairstyles including 20+ new hairstyles
  • Replacing of many many EO walls, tiles, objects
  • Easter Bunny ears hat, Easter Bunny slippers, Easter Bunny Costume
  • New boots (including new rainbow boots)
  • Kamashi Quest Done(I hope)
  • Bug fixes (Female items such as female Excalibur plate, etc.)


Game servers back online!

Posted by elevations - 02/04/11 12:23PM

Server was offline for a couple of hours it is now back online!

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