Costume Update!

Posted by elevations - 12/09/11 01:45PM

All costumes/anime armors will now be stat-less instead you will be able to equip them over stat armors e.g:

You put on Excalibur Plate, then you can Equip an Cloud Costume over the Excalibur Plate and remain the stats of the Excalibur Plate.

This feature is still being worked out and will mostly be available on Test Server.

There are currently only 2-4 Costumes that you can equip over any armor on Main Server at the moment:

  • Cloud Costume
  • Akatsuki Robes (male)
  • Altair Robes
  • Bunny Slippers

Update! Portable Chairs

Posted by elevations - 18/08/11 03:38PM

We have now introduced Portable Chairs to FE! you can now get a chair from the Mysterious Man in heaven for 10k and double click it then use the "Chair Sit" spell to sit ANYWHERE!



Fallen Evolution v.18.5 Trailer

Posted by elevations - 23/07/11 03:54PM

v.18.5 has been released!

Posted by elevations - 07/07/11 11:45AM

Yes please download the new FE client v.18.5 which now includes an auto updater.

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