Merry Christmas Fallen Evolution!

Posted by elevations - 19/12/11 11:45PM

It's Christmas time on Fallen Evolution and we are going to be having some awesome fun updates and events this Christmas! so stay tuned, get online and be prepared!

Merry Christmas!

FE Trailer

Posted by elevations - 13/12/11 06:11PM

In-Game Account Creation

Posted by elevations - 29/10/11 11:59AM

In-game account creation is now back!

You can now create accounts using the client, once you have created it you will get an e-mail sent to your email address that you used to create the account, informing you to verify your new account!

So please remember to use a real e-mail address in order to activate your account!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Event!

Posted by elevations - 27/10/11 06:38PM

The Halloween season event is now out! so get in-game and get ready to trick or treat!

Make your way to the seasonal warp point in the Heaven of Fallen to get to the Halloween Event!

To Trick or Treat you will require:

  1. A costume, either one that goes over your armor, or has the name "costume" in it.
  2. Once in the Halloween Event area simply knock on a door with your CTRL key :)

Good luck, Muahahahaha!

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