A review of FE Server Costs

Posted by elevations - 31/12/12 02:37AM

A new year is coming and i'd like to take the time to review the current expense of keeping the server running over the years and encourage people to start donating more:


v.29 Has now been released!

Posted by elevations - 24/12/12 02:11AM

v.29 is out now! including many new updates and graphics made by megamoogle and hiuru!

such as slender items, male armors, female armors, weapons, hats, guitar and piano sounds, and more!

If you are using the game launcher you do not need to download this.

Christmas event started!

Posted by elevations - 10/12/12 10:15PM

Merry Christmas Fallen Evolution! The Christmas event has now started and will be running until the end of Christmas! to get to the event just use the event warp in heaven of fallen!


Thanks for playing and supporting Fallen Evolution! Please remember to donate to pay for the host! thanks.

v.28 Released early!

Posted by elevations - 07/12/12 10:25PM

Unfortunately we had problems with the launcher so we had to release the new version early here are the small updates:

  • Fixed Launcher
  • Added christmas objects/npcs
  • Replaced santa/santa hat with new ones.
  • Some new weapons

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