Fallen Evolution v.31

Posted by elevations - 12/02/13 07:37PM

v.31 has now been released! you can download it here


  • Autoing protection
  • New NPC's/monsters
  • Data fixes
  • Client information upgraded (2013)

If you are using the FE Launcher you do not need to download this.

TFG NPC's Coming

Posted by elevations - 14/01/13 12:55PM

Megamoogle has now sold us the rights to (almost all) of the TFG monsters so be prepared for a big update next version in total we have 31 new monsters so far.


Security Reminder

Posted by elevations - 09/01/13 06:28PM

There has been a lot of security flaws and bugs going around this year and i'd like to remind everyone to scan there pc's frequently.

A common rat being spread around is the DarkComet Rat to be extra safe you should download this remover and run a scan.


A review of FE Server Costs

Posted by elevations - 31/12/12 02:37AM

A new year is coming and i'd like to take the time to review the current expense of keeping the server running over the years and encourage people to start donating more:


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