Hiring mappers, pixelers, and quest writers!

Posted by elevations - 01/02/18 12:16AM

We are currently looking to hire new Mappers, Quest writers and Pixelers to join our Dev Team

if you would like to submit an application please join our FE Discord and post your application in the #applications channel.


New Pirate Quest!

Posted by elevations - 31/05/17 02:36AM

FE Update! We have now added a new area and quest to FE arghhh are you ready? Take on the Hydra beast that dwells on the hidden island! for ultimate treasure like you've never seen before!

Happy new year FE! 2017

Posted by elevations - 01/01/17 08:45AM

Hope you had a great year, thank you for all supporting FE for this many years We are now celebrating our 8th year of being online!

Merry Christmas FE 2016

Posted by elevations - 24/12/16 03:10PM

Merry christmas FE! it has been a long year and a great one! we have now released the christmas event on FE which you can access by typing /warp christmas, We have a new area that you can go to with a boss and chest that spawns plenty of armors and presents

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